If you want to guarantee yourself an EXTRA FOOTBALL INCOME this season...

And dump the bookies at the losing end of an "unlevel playing field"...

Scottish Football Income Booster

Then answer me this one question...

"Do You Have Plenty Of Room In Your Back Pocket For A New Scottish Wallet Bursting With £50 Notes?"

Scottish Football Income Booster

You do...?

Well read on then because I'm about to prove why betting exclusively on Scottish football...

And simply piggybacking on the expertise of "The Scotsman"...


£2,600 . . .

£5,200 . . .

Or even as much as



Dear Friend,

For you to inject your personal finances with a massive dose of tax-free winnings when the new Scottish season kicks-off on Saturday, August 3rd…

As much as £10,400 in fact…

There's no getting away from it…

You must have the financial benefit of an "unlevel playing field" between you and the bookies.

I'm talking about a football betting advantage where winning thousands of pounds is just like taking repeated penalty kicks against no goalkeeper!

And how can you start enjoying this lucrative position whilst keeping the bookies firmly stuck in defence?

Well, it's all down to a winning combination of specifically targeted bets in the Scottish leagues (especially the lower ones) which are ignored by most regular punters...

Where the bookies find themselves dumped on the back foot because they can't get their hands on enough critical player and team news information...

And where, as a member of the Scottish Football Income Booster (SFIB) specialist advisory service, you'll have the unrivalled expertise of "The Scotsman" (who I'll introduce to you in a minute) spoon-feeding you all the right value bets so you can start and end this season in tip top financial shape.

Scottish Football Income Booster
You'll be playing downhill every game as a new SFIB member

Start cashing in from shrewd north of the border winners for the new 2019/20 season

Now striking bets on teams you've probably only ever heard of on the BBC's Final Score…

Like Alloa Athletic, Berwick Rangers or Raith Rovers…

Might initially seem alien to you, perhaps because you're so used to betting on English football.

But jump on board SFIB today and you can expect an explosive winning start to the new 2019/20 season…

Exactly like the last 4 seasons where August and September have been GUARANTEED WINNING MONTHS.

Just picture yourself merrily waltzing along steadily cranking up your income from regular winnings.

Like the easy £486 you could have banked when Stenhousemuir beat Brechin last season…

Or the £456 you could have used to splash out on a few treats when Clyde won away against Stirling Albion in August 2018…

Or the great big smile on your face in April when you said "thank you very much Mr Bookie" for the £350 which appeared in your bank account after Airdrie hammered Arbroath 3-0.

I'm sure you'll totally agree...

When you're generating a steady stream of extra cash from laser-guided winners...

Just like the 100 that would have dropped into your lap last season, including…

Hamilton to beat Hearts

WON £230

Stenhousemuir to beat Brechin

WON £486

Edinburgh City to beat Albion Rovers

WON £72

Forfar to beat Dumbarton

WON £400

Clyde to beat Stirling Albion

WON £456

Stirling Albion vs Clyde (Over 2.5 goals)

WON £160

Montrose to beat Brechin

WON £558

Eglin to beat Albion Rovers

WON £240

Ayr to beat Dunfermline

WON £210

Dundee United to beat Partick

WON £155

Queen of the South to beat Falkirk

WON £208

Motherwell to beat Dundee

WON £332

St. Johnstone to beat Hamilton

WON £242

Queens Park vs Cowdenbeath (Over 2.5 goals)

WON £124

Celtic to beat Rangers

WON £140

Livingston to beat Hamilton

WON £186

Rangers vs Dundee (Over 2.5 goals)

WON £118

Ayr to beat Falfirk

WON £210

Inverness to beat Partick

WON £220

Arbroath vs Forfar (Over 2.5 goals)

WON £62

Hibernian to beat Dundee

WON £150

Dundee United to beat Falkirk

WON £126

Queens Park vs Edinburgh City (Over 2.5 goals)

WON £89

Ranger vs St. Johnstone (Over 2.5 goals)

WON £140

Raith Rovers to beat Dumbarton

WON £380

Arbroath vs Aridrie

WON £65

Dundee vs Kilmarnock (Over 2.5 goals)

WON £100

Ross County to beat Partick

WON £150

Airdrie vs Brechin (Over 2.5 goals)

WON £73

Cowdenbeath vs Stirling (Under 2.5 goals)

WON £95

Queen of the South to beat Dunfermline

WON £290

Forfar to beat Stenhousemuir

WON £200

Queen of the South to beat Falkirk

WON £160

Montrose to beat Brechin

WON £250

Celtic vs Hearts (Over 2.5 goals)

WON £70

Raith Rovers to beat Brechin

WON £74

Stranraer to beat Stenhousemuir

WON £220

Inverness to beat Partick

WON £150

Dundee United to beat Ross County

WON £333

… Then I reckon you'll quickly fall in love with Scottish football. And why the heck wouldn't you if you're piling up money?

Who knows, when you're ticking off all your winners on a Saturday evening, you might even get into the habit of humming "Flower of Scotland"!

Bar the singing, that's certainly been the reaction from SFIB members who were fortunate to secure a place during the 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 seasons…

"I have already recovered my subscription and look forward to many more weeks like the one just past" – Norman

"One word – impressive" – Ben

"Wow!!! Brilliant start – all 5 won today and I'm incredibly pleased" – Tim

And after a £10,432 cash haul in 2018/19

[SFIB has ALWAYS MADE A PROFIT in each of the last 4 seasons]…

Members continued to show their appreciation...

"Best not perhaps spread the word too widely then, otherwise we'll blow our cover and everyone will want a slice of the action, huh, Matthew?!!! Very much enjoying the anticipation of your subsequent tips along with the absolute simplicity of the system!!!" – George

"I never thought I would be lost for words, but after an investment of £110 on your selections, which is a £10 Yankee, I now have just over £1,600 in my account. Your fee is as good an investment as I have made for years" – Robert

"I signed up for SFIB on Wednesday and I just wanted to say omg I can't believe I am £987.53 in profit" – Nargis

"Absoflippinglutely astonishing! Your man isn't a tipster, he's psychic" – Ian

So why can Scottish football be your shortcut to £2,600… £5,200… £10,400... or possibly even more?

Now in all my 25 years experience of dealing with regular punters with an interest in trying to win money from football, probably because old habits die hard, betting on the English leagues and Cup competitions tends to be the default position.

In fact, selectively betting on Scottish football, instead of English, has been proven time and time again to be a devastatingly profitable tactic and it's all down to 3 Winning Advantages.

Winning Advantage #1

Less Betting Interest = More Opportunities For YOU

The amount of money bet on Scottish football is tiny compared to the buckets of cash shovelled on, say, the English Premier League, or the big European leagues like Serie A and La Liga.

And it's this situation which means you now have an opportunity to win money from this seriously overlooked winning angle.

How come?

Because less money staked on Scottish matches means the odds are more competitive.

"So what?" I hear you say.

Well, if you know which bets to exploit…

And you will if you secure your place today and start copying "The Scotsman" before the season really catches fire…

Then you'll be on the receiving end of a tidal wave of value bets.

Now obviously, the bookies aren't stupid, but their odds - and you see this a lot in the lower leagues - aren't as sharp as they would be if Scottish football was the most punted in the world.

So you don't have the situation where the "wisdom of crowds effect" makes odds more accurate, which is what happens in the English Premier League for instance.

Odds are simply less accurate in the Scottish leagues and Cup matches.

And whenever this is the case, in any sport in fact, the odds shift dramatically in favour of backers rather than layers - which is exactly the "unlevel playing fieldthat can give you a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE.

Also, and this is a crucial point I really want to stress…

With less punters trying to take advantage of less accurate odds, the door of opportunity is left wide open for you to get on bets and start to supercharge your income.

In saying that, ever since the Scottish Football Income Booster (SFIB) specialist advisory service launched for the 2015/16 season, because of the potentially price-sensitive nature of certain bets, I've always been ultra-careful about who has been allowed to follow "The Scotsman" to bank tasty profits.

I've only ever taken on new members in controlled batches, and for parts of the last couple of seasons, I actually stopped issuing membership invitations whilst I diligently monitored what happened to the odds after bets were advised.

Now this "membership shutdown" is very likely to happen again, but as it stands right now at the start of the new 2019/20 season, I'm prepared to invite you in to take advantage of your Fully Protected 30-day Risk-Free Trial.

So today could easily go down as one of the few times when you had the opportunity to latch on to a sure-fire way of profiting from expertly pinpointed value winners on Scottish football.

And if that's the case, feel free to just CLICK HERE now to skip the rest of this story and get your name down sharpish before you're left on the sidelines.

Okay, let me quickly run through the second and third reasons why betting on Scottish football can be an extraordinary money-maker for you

Winning Advantage #2

Player And Team News Information Is Both Hard To Find And Thin On The Ground

A major reason why Scottish football is a not-to-be-missed winning opportunity

And this key advantage most definitely applies to Leagues 1 and 2 where the majority of players are part-timers…

Is that the depth of coverage and data analysis isn't anywhere near the same intense level as you get on English and European leagues.

There just isn't the 24/7 wall-to-wall information overload from tons of websites, social media feeds and the major broadcasters like the BBC or Sky.

Yes, you can get access to statistics on the internet like 'goals scored in previous matches' or 'league positions', but this sort of information is far too basic to be really worthwhile.

The really critical betting-related information about players and team news is only available by putting in significant amounts of time and effort, and burrowing like a mole to uncover barely read specialist websites and obscure fan forums.

But most punters, even ones who regularly bet on Scottish football, can't be bothered to do this.

As you'll see in a minute though…

Knowing where, when and how to look for real gold nuggets of information…

And then being able to put all the pieces of the jigsaw in the right place from publicly available and privately sourced data…

Puts "The Scotsman" (and you if you're lucky enough to sign-up for your cashflow friendly monthly membership place) on a different betting planet.

Winning Advantage #3

The Odds Can Be Plain Wrong Because Of Asia

What's Asia got to do with Scottish football?

Well, bear with me as I explain this because you'll see it's one of the most compelling advantages as to why you should be jumping at the chance to join the SFIB teamsheet.

CLICK HERE to reserve your place right now

Now I'm not kidding when I say that in the world of football, the Far East is the centre of the known betting universe.

And the go-to football bet over there is something called an Asian Handicap which you might have heard of.

Basically, an Asian Handicap is a type of bet which takes the draw option out of the equation so you either bet just Home or Away win.

Now the odds for Asian Handicaps are set, as you would expect, by the big Asian bookmaking firms like Pinnacle, Sbobet and Singbet.

But what very few British football punters even realise is this…

The very same Asian Handicap odds directly influence the odds that UK and European bookies use for their 1-X-2 (Home win, Draw, Away win) markets.

From what "The Scotsman" has told me when I've previously met him in Glasgow…

And he should know because of his extensive bookmaking background which I'm not allowed to tell you too much about…

The number of odds compilers and traders sat in the head offices of the UK's main bookies has plummeted because they've moved towards using computer programs to automate their odds and mimic what's happening in Asia.

Now that's great for keeping the bookies lives easier and their costs down, but it leaves them incredibly vulnerable to you and other SFIB members consistently siphoning cash away from them through what can only be described as a "loophole".

What loophole?

The one where UK bookies are left high, dry and terribly exposed when they're forced to come up with their own odds, rather than simply taking their lead from Asia.

You see, it's not always the case that, say, on a Tuesday, Asian bookies are pricing up Scottish lower league matches being played on a Saturday.

But UK bookies, to ensure they remain competitive with other UK bookies, must sometimes go out on a limb with their own odds and always offer prices throughout the week.

The problem is that without any top class odds compilers who know anywhere near as much as "The Scotsman" about Scottish football, glaring mistakes are often made where odds can represent screaming value opportunities.

Now just imagine regularly exploiting this loophole so you can keep filling that Scottish wallet I said you'll be needing.

The financial and emotional high you'll feel from constant loophole winners like…

East Fife – last season's biggest cash haul from a single bet where you could have won yourself £975

Scottish Football Income Booster

St. Johnstone – where another £326 could have rolled in to your coffers…

Scottish Football Income Booster

And the easy £414 profit you could have tucked away on Stirling Albion…

Scottish Football Income Booster

Stenhousemuir - A very tidy £486 profit could have been all yours...

Montrose - Their league 1 victory could have sent more money your way with a £558 profit…

Dundee United - Could have kept your cash tills ringing with a £333 profit after winning away at Ross County…

And in the second half of last season, the familiar winning tune kept humming away with examples such as the £206 you could have generated in the "Over 2.5 goals" market…

And the £350 stress-free take from League 1 as Airdrie easily saw off Arboath 3-0…

The fact is…

There's no reason why this loophole won't continue again throughout the 2018/19 season so you'll be able to get the sweet money-making taste of it yourself as long as you hurry up and nail down your cashflow friendly monthly membership place.

CLICK HERE before you lose out on a place

Now it's all very well me saying that Scottish football offers you an outstanding recurring cash accumulating opportunity

And that the 3 winning advantages I've explained above spell very happy days for you and your future bank balance

But if you don't know your Morton's from your Motherwell's…

Or if you're in the dark when key players at lower league sides are stuck in nightclubs instead of tucked up in bed…

Or if you simply don't have the time, experience or professional betting background to know when to step in and strike bets for maximum gain and when to be patient and hold off…

"Whilst teams like Montrose, Alloa or East Stirling might mean little to you – to The Scotsman they are his ticket to betting profits and his expertise 'North of the Border' has been proven over the past 2 years." – Smart Betting Club

Luckily for you though, I've known a professional backer for over three years who bleeds Scottish football, who can do all the behind-the-scenes grafting on your behalf, meaning all you have to do is wait for emails and texts and then simply copy his advised bets.

So let me now tell you more about "The Scotsman" and why I'm so certain he can deliver you a second income of up to £10,400

Now his real identity is purposely kept a closely guarded secret because the contract I've signed with him includes this privacy clause…

Matthew Walton Limited agrees to total and utter confidentiality during the period of this contract up to the official end of the Scottish season in May 2018.

My company will never reveal your actual name, or any of the specific details of your past roles within the bookmaking and betting industry, to members of the Scottish Football Income Booster advisory service, anyone on my private database, or any other contacts of my business.

But I can reveal a little more about his professional background to prove to you he's genuinely the real-deal and that you couldn't be in safer hands if you want to print money from the overlooked betting niche that is Scottish football.

A university educated maths whizz based just outside Glasgow (yes, he's Scottish!), his CV screams "Scottish football expert".

With previous stints at leading bookmaking firms…

A multi-year involvement with an Asian-based private investment syndicate as a proprietary trader…

As well as acting as a quant-based hedge fund's go-to Scottish betting consultant after he was head-hunted because of his vast local knowledge about players, teams and motivational issues likely to affect results…

His top-class pedigree means he knows as much as it's humanly possible to know about how you can win from Scottish football.

But I don't want to simply say…

"He's got an A1 background so get your name down fast for your cashflow friendly monthly membership place by CLICKING HERE."

If you're partnering up with him this season then you deserve to know a lot more about his proven winner-finding strategy and why I wasn't joking when I said you'd better get yourself a new tartan wallet like this…

Scottish Football Income Booster
Wouldn't it feel great to have an extra wallet crammed with £50's courtesy of the bookies?"

You see…

He's a top-notch expert with a winning edge over both regular punters, and obviously the bookies, that can deliver you a string of winners this season which could easily add up to your own personal cash haul of as much as £10,400

And it's all down to a super powerful combination of…

Green TickHis own unique odds pricing computer model

Green TickVastly superior local, grass roots knowledge

Green TickAnd countless hours of R&D

Now although it's no surprise that, in his own words, he'd rather "not go into too much detail about exactly what I feed into my computer model because I want to protect my edge"…

I know it's been fine-tuned, tested and developed to within an inch of its life with up to 20 what he calls "significant match influencing variables" (such as 'player ratings' and 'chance creation data') which all mingle together to spew out potential bets.

I say potential bets because after doing plenty of grunt work, his model then generates the odds teams should be based on their perceived strengths.

So with a list of teams and their true odds, he then uses "trader adjustment techniques" such as 'weather conditions' and 'player ratings for expected line-ups' to add extra layers of further interrogation which subsequently means he tweaks his odds again.

But he doesn't even stop there!

Because whilst you and I both know that "having expert knowledge means you wield tremendous power"…

Especially when it comes to the lower Scottish leagues…

Local, on-the-ground knowledge can put you in prime position to win £2,600… £5,200… or £10,400

So "The Scotsman" further scrutinises potential bets by bringing into play…


After all this (I know, it's light years ahead of what regular punters are prepared to do)…

He compares his odds on the bets that have made his shortlist with the prices actually offered by the bookies.

Obviously, what he's looking for at this final elimination stage is to see which prices are out of line - in other words, he wants the bookies to be putting up bigger odds.

And if they are, well, strap your betting boots on because it's money-making time!

The value of being ahead of the game is invaluable as you can see from this typical email I received from "The Scotsman"...

Scottish Football Income Booster

Sent out by email and text message, the bet was 3 points to win (bets for the 2018/19 season will range from 1 to 3 points) on Dunfermline to beat Morton at odds of 2.7 (a little over 13/8 if you're used to old-style odds).

Dunfermline duly WON with a 3-1 scoreline and the cash came pouring in again.

Staking at £50 per point you could have WON £255

£510 could have been yours at £100 per point…

Or if you're a higher roller going with £200 per point then a lumpy payday of £1,020 could have been heading your way.

This extra cash all came from just a single bet so you can see why the Scottish Football Income Booster specialist advisory service rightfully has "Income Booster" in its title.

Now before I reveal how little I'm asking compared to how much upside there is for you when you're winning money alongside "The Scotsman"…

What other proof can I show you?

Well, had you backed all of the 815 bets which "The Scotsman" has shared with me since the 2015/16 season…

That's all his Home win, Away win and Over/Under Totals Goals bets (the only types of bets which "The Scotsman" concentrates on)…

Then you'd quite rightly say Scottish football is a cash cow you can milk time and time again (which is what I said at the very top of this website).

Just take a look at these seriously impressive performance statistics

Green TickYou'd have won every single month for the first 8 months of the 2018/19 season and been 54 points in the black

Green TickYou'd have hit the bullseye with an incredible 69% winning monthly strike rate

Green TickYou'd have lapped up 54.39% winners from the 285 Over/Under Total Goals bets

Green TickAnd if you look forward to your involvement for the remainder of this season, and calculate what you're likely to claw in based on the past 515 bets, you can be sat pretty with £2,600£5,200… or £10,400 depending upon whether you're staking to £50, £100 or £200 per point.

[Over/Under Total Goals bets by the way are when you're betting on the expected number of goals in a match rather than which team wins it, and normally "The Scotsman" exploits an edge in the Over or Under 2.5 Goals markets].

You'll be committing financial suicide if you don’t get on the teamsheet for for the 2019/20 season

To avoid being left seriously disappointed…

And financially worse off by as much as £10,400

You need to move, move, move… and quickly… to lock down your own cashflow friendly monthly membership place so you can lap up the winning action right from the start of the new season on Saturday, August 3rd.

And by acting right here, right now, not only will you be on board and ready to win for this weekend…

You'll also have scored big time from a knock-your-socks-off-deal

I want to prove to you that Scottish football really is a massively overlooked niche which can be a perfect money-maker for you

Especially when you follow the exact bets from "The Scotsman"…

So I've pulled out all the stops to give you a cracker jack of a deal.

★ Cashflow Friendly

First up…

You certainly won't have to stump up a whole season's worth of subscriptions in one hit (which is what other members have done in the past).

I've described your deal as "cashflow friendly" because it only requires a monthly subscription of just £47

Plus the VAT which I'm forced to add on by the UK government.

And what's more…

You have the flexibility that you're not tied in to a fixed contract.

Obviously, my strong advice would be to see out the full season to maximise your winnings and have the best chance of building your cash hoard of £2,600… £5,200… or £10,400. But it's ultimately your call. You can quit whenever you want.

Now in my humble opinion, your deal fairly reflects the fact I've had to dig very deep in terms of the contract I've signed with "The Scotsman"…

As well as the money-winning potential his expertise and specialist know-how can deliver to you when you consider that his past 815 bets could have put thousands of tax-free pounds in to your pockets.

So there's no doubt about it from where I'm standing…

If you want the luxury of controlling your own cashflow whilst letting the bookies pay your subscription every month from your winnings

Then you should have no hesitation signing up for your cashflow friendly monthly membership place.

★ £150 Saved IMMEDIATELY!


You'll be SAVING YOURSELF £150.

What do I mean?

Well, I've already mentioned that Home win, Away win and Over/Under Total Goals bets are the key ones for "The Scotsman".

But in previous seasons, due to the way my contract was structured with him, members could only get access to his Over/Under Total Goals bets for an optional add-on subscription costing £150.

Now the great news for you is that for the 2018/19 season you can be even more quids-in because I'm scrapping this extra £150 fee.

And with a past record boasting a 54.39% winning strike rate from these Over/Under Total Goals bets up to the start of this season…

This is going to give you the double financial benefit of making you even more money because you'll be getting every single bet advised by "The Scotsman" as part of your cashflow friendly monthly membership deal

Plus you'll be SAVING £150.


Now if "The Scotsman" gets off to an absolute flyer in the first few weeks of your membership…

Exactly like the last 4 seasons where August and September have been GUARANTEED WINNING MONTHS...

Then you won't give a monkeys about this third membership benefit because you'll realise you've made the perfect choice to get your name down for your cashflow friendly monthly membership place, and you'll be all set to increase your profits as the season keeps motoring on.

But what if results aren't quite as good as you'd expected and you start having second thoughts about your decision to sign-up?

Or what if you decide that for some other reason, being on the SFIB winning teamsheet isn't for you and you'd like to quit?

Well, you don't have to worry one little bit.


Because your cashflow friendly monthly membership deal automatically includes a RISK-FREE insurance policy where you'll be Fully Protected with a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee for your FIRST 30 DAYS.

Obviously, from everything I've shared with you on this website, and what you've learnt about "The Scotsman"

You're extremely unlikely to be rushing to surrender your sought-after membership spot within your first month.

But I want to give you complete freedom and added peace of mind so the option is open for you to walk away at anytime within your FIRST 30 DAYS and I'll immediately refund your subscription in full.

So before you rush off to get yourself a tartan wallet…

I’m also giving you a FREE BONUS

"The Scotsman" has written a division-by-division analysis to this season's expected highflying teams... and low achievers... called 'Saints & Sinners'.

And as long as you sign-up today, I’ll make sure you get access to a copy as soon as your place is confirmed.

Now remember that you've been specially selected to receive this invitation.

Which means that one of the strictly limited cashflow friendly monthly membership places can be yours right now.

Wait too long though and you'll definitely end up missing out because the start of the season is THE MOST LUCRATIVE TIME TO GET ON BOARD.

So bearing in mind that the proven money-winning expertise and specialist know-how of "The Scotsman" can deliver you as much as £10,400 between now and the end of the season…

You'd better hurry up and get your name down before you're left thousands of pounds out of pocket...

And stuck on the bench!

All you need to do to sign-up safely and securely online through Agora using Direct Debit, or with your Credit or Debit card, is to click on the link below...

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Kind Regards,

Matthew Walton Signature

Matthew Walton

P.S. Becoming a new signing on the Scottish Football Income Booster teamsheet offers you a genuine and proven way to increase your income by as much as £10,400 over the whole season.

And if you move fast and make sure you nail down your cashflow friendly monthly membership place...

You’ll most certainly have the benefit of an "unlevel playing field" between you and the bookies, and no doubt you’ll be over-the-moon just like John, Mark and Neil...

"If he continues to do his stuff my grandchildren will think there are several birthdays in a year." – John

"Loving the Scotsman's start to the Season" – Mark

"When I read your email that I had secured a place, I thought "oh my god" and this is fantastic news! Thanks again" – Neil

So with your cashflow friendly monthly membership deal on the table for you right now…

Fully Protected with a 100% Money-Back-Guarantee for your FIRST 30 DAYS...

Including FREE BONUS Over/Under Total Goals bets saving you £150...

It seems blindingly obvious that the smartest, financially rewarding course of action is to immediately click on one of the buttons below before you kick yourself for missing out.

All you need to do to sign-up safely and securely online through Agora using Direct Debit, or with your Credit or Debit card, is to click on this link...

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P.P.S. Also…

Don’t forget that as long as you sign-up today, I’ll make sure you get access to 'Saints & Sinners'.

This pre-season FREEBIE covering which teams are hot and who’s not for the new season has been expertly written by "The Scotsman"...

And I’ll email your copy across as soon as your place is confirmed.  

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